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Gone are the days of having to spend time memorizing complicated patterns & candlesticks. Instantly unlock an avalanche of consistent cash flow alerts using our simple trading system. Simply paste the limit orders and take profits from your app into your terminal

  • Intelligent technology and raw price-action trading frameworks allow Enigma to create profitable setups even if it's 3am on a Monday.

  • Set your trades into the future, not the past. You no longer have to chase trades, these come to you. Literally copy & paste & enjoy profits.. 

Profitable Trading Just Got a Whole lot Easier

Shift to the investor side by elevating your money mindset & manifesting abundance into your life

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Frequently asked questions

1. Enigma FAQs

Most common questions about our Enigma Tradingview system

Do I get to use the indicator on my own tradingview system?

What's the overall success rate of this trading system?

How many setups does it give?

2. Fx Mastery FAQs

Most common inquiries about our beginner-friendly professional trading education

When does the digital course start?

On May 20th 2021, we began to record and upload the curriculum. You will be automatically onboarded and will receive instant access to over 50 HD videos of high level trading education.

How is the training delivered?

Are there live trading sessions with the educators?

3. General FAQs

Most common inquiries about Elevated Fx in general. All of the moving parts that are here and coming

When does the full launch start?

What does "Beta" mean?

Do you have hands free trading solutions?

Can I share my membership with a spouse or family member?

Does this work outside the US?

How can I lose money from this?

Besides the system itself, what else do I need to invest in?

Why is there no guarantee?

I only have money to invest in the resources but not enough to trade, should I still sign up?

Depends. Some customers find it makes sense for them to sign up now to get access to the tools and education while they build up their knowledge and bank. Their thinking is that the time is limited - the sooner they can learn & practice, the sooner you can be profitable.

Besides, you can (and we highly encourage you to) trade with DEMO before you invest any real money... so you can still fully implement what you learn and experiment with without having to overleverage.

What we do not recommend is anyone spending their "Last" bit of funds. Please read all disclaimers before moving forward. we will not be held liable for any losses. We are here to help you elevate, not deteriorate.